December 16, 2007

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Busy days as well as evenings

IT has been a pretty wild week, a very good week. My days have been filled with business matters and my evenings with personal. Images below give a quick run down of this week’s calendar of events. Next week should be more tame as I prepare to leave town for the holidays and will be taking a few days off…let’s just say, to unplug.

12.09.07 – This week’s to do list, gawdamn I am obsessed with big fat black markers.
To Do List

12.10.07 – Conducted me first “db clay for women” focus group with my design assistant Mrs. Smith. Our women’s line yet TBD.
db clay for women

12.11.07 – Was officially inducted as the newest member of Starve Ups, a Portland-Based Business Development Center. I got a new T shirt and am excited to be a part of this hungry group.
Starve Ups

12.12.07 – Went to a Portland Trailblazers game. My friend Jay who opened up Portland’s Upper Playground store, rented out a Skybox suite from which we ate, sat and watched the B Ball game.
Portland Trailblazers

12.13.07 – Went and saw a dope Chuck Close art show at the Portland Art Museum. Show closes January 6…I would highly recommend you drop everything you’re doing and go check out this show. Wow.
Chuck Close Prints

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