December 12, 2007

Version 3

Holiday Lights of Spain.

Me was recently working on a “12 Days of Christmas” countdown campaign. I was putting together a holiday themed image to accompany each of our Version 3 wallets…It was going to be ohhhh so glorious (see preview image below). I had this big creative plan mapped out… but let’s just say I ran out of time and said project fell short (and was never released)- maybe next year? Image below will give you a rough idea of the direction it was heading. Even though the campaign never came to fruition, you can still pick up a lovely wallet just in time for the holidays. I suggest you pick up one of our Lights of Spain wallets for the traveler on your list.
Version 3 eco friendly designer wallets

Speaking of unfinished projects, my friend Graeme (who captured this Lights of Spain image) forwarded me a link today that I thought was fitting. See more unrealized projects by hicking clear.
Version 3 eco friendly designer wallets

Garett Croft Stenson



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