December 4, 2007

Version 3

Dark Adventures.

When me was a kid, I use to play the Nintendo Game “Zelda” for hours and hours and hours. I remember very vividly the Christmas morning when us kids found our new N.E.S. game console under the ol’ pine tree (we were so happy). It was such a fun adventure to feel apart of…However, that is about where my love for video games stopped. I haven’t really played much in the 20 years since. These days, I am too busy running a wallet company to dive into video games…but Zelda, in particular, will always have a warm spot in my cold heart. Fond memories arose out of these dark adventures most certainly.
Zelda Nintendo Entertainment System

Me drew Mr. Zelda himself below when I was a kid. You have the choice of gifting a video game or a wallet this holiday season…I suggest gifting a wallet of course :)
Zelda Nintendo Entertainment System

Garett Croft Stenson



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