December 3, 2007


Puzzle, Por Que No?

Alex was printing Puzzle Batch #2 wallets back on September 8, 2007. Mid-day he asked me to go on a “supplies” run for him…by supplies I mean paint and tacos. Image below was my shopping list that day: 2 cans of Flat White Krylon, 1 can Gloss Red, 1 can 24k Gold Leaf Krylon and 1 can of Silver. I also ran to Por Que No Taqueria to pick up a batch of the best tacos in Portland for our lunch. The (5) Carne Asada tacos mentioned below were ALL for Alex…he told me, “Hey man, I can eat a lot…” when I questioned him about needing 5 tacos…apparently printing Puzzle pieces gets your appetite going. We both sat on db clay’s roof top, ate tacos and talked about life outside of wallets. I can’t decide if I love wallets or guacamole more…it is a toss up.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallets

Garett Croft Stenson



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