November 29, 2007


Childhood XMAS Card.

The images pictured below are an XMAS card I made for me parents back on December 25, 1986. At seven year’s old, I didn’t have much money to buy presents with but I did have crayons and construction paper and ideas and lots of time to spare. In lieu of giving them tangible gifts, I made them a “Coupon Book” that pretty much promised a bunch of chores I would do for them, to help around the house. Checkered stocking image on left below is the back of the card I gave them. Image on the right is the front of the card- a white construction paper snowflake…This snowflake is one of a kind, much like our current Puzzle wallets.
Christmas Card

Inside card left below:

To Mom and Dad, Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

This is your Christmas prezint

Merry Christmas again

Love Garett


December 25, 1986

Insight card right below:

To Mom From Garett

all Help you pick up the hows iny time you wat

Christmas Card

Coupon #2 insert below (a bonus):

To Mom

all help you mace your Bed

From Garett

Image on right below was done free hand with crayon.

If you’d rather give a tangible gift, you can always pick something up in our wallet gift guide here.

Christmas Card

Garett Croft Stenson



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