November 28, 2007


Puzzle Arrives Gift Boxed and Numbered.

Each hand-printed Puzzle wallet we make is packaged up and shipped out of Portland as pictured below. Includes cool gray gift box, white tissue paper wrap and a small colorful insert card that explains the story behind each wallet. Surely a unique gift for him or her or both.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallets

Tyler, who has the best handwriting of us all, individually numbered each wallet in this set of 500. Puzzle is also special in that each bill compartment is lined with golden orange satin. Version 3 is lined with black satin nylon.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallets

Visit our pocket art gallery now and pick yur’ favorite piece out ya’ll.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallets

Garett Croft Stenson



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