November 19, 2007


End of the roll.

We used to save the empty inside cardboard rolls of Duct Tape after the roll was used up (I never did the exact math but each Duct Tape Wallet we made used about 13 linear feet of standard 2″ wide Duct Tape). I kept piles of garbage bags filled with these dead cardboard rolls we produced. I am not quite sure why I felt compelled to keep these empty rolls but I have narrowed it down to (2) possible reasons:

1. They were a symbolic trophy of a new accomplishment – “Yet another roll down…”

2. Or maybe I am just a crazy pack rat- so much so that I can’t even throw away an empty roll of used Duct Tape.
Duct Tape Wallet

Me spent part of Sunday afternoon working on these black, brown and white pics.
Duct Tape Wallet
db clay’s logo was inspired by the dead cardboard scenarios described above. Type the phrase “Black Circle” into a Google Image search and see what comes up- our circle has come along way in the last 9 years since discovering the ol’ Duct Tape Wallet.
Duct Tape Wallet

Garett Croft Stenson



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