November 16, 2007


Deez shoes are mine biotch!

Each member of the db clay Faculty got to recently pick out their favorite Puzzle wallet (their first pick prior to campaign launch). I chose piece #119 for myself- pretty white boots, slanted white stripes that make the wallet look like denim, gold/blood red splatters hand printed by Alex Steckly atop a large sheet of our navy blue, Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Canvas (see images of my new beauty, number OneNineteen below). I am not going to carry her I don’t think…I am going to put it on my mantle (once I get a place with a mantle). For now, it will go in my db clay memory box and I will pull it out in 30 years, smile, dust it off, reflect on year’s past and then I will pass it on to someone younger than me as an heirloom.
These Shoes are mine

Hand printed sheets of db clay’s Patent Pending Gaffer’s Tape canvas pictured here- this is what the #119 art piece looked like before it was stitched into a wallet.
These Shoes are mine

View the rest of db clay’s Batch #2 here.
These Shoes are mine

Garett Croft Stenson



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