November 2, 2007

Version 3

San Francisco Clashing?

We have seen a recent surge re: our Portland Clashing wallet. Sales were a bit sluggish at first (compared to our other designs); however recently, it has started to jump off shelves rather quickly. Graphically speaking, it stands out amongst the other wallets in our Version 3 collection which we estimated as the reason for slower sales. But things have turned around as of late- A big reason for this recent surge, just might be our recent plug in SFMOMA’s (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) Holiday Catalogue which has a circulation of 40,000: see below

db clay wallets, in particular Portland Clashing, are featured on page 19 of the new SFMOMA Catalogue. Visit their Museum Store at 151 Third Street in San Francisco, or visit them online to pick one up:


Garett Croft Stenson



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