October 25, 2007

Version 3.1

Ripped lace and agua for $5.41.

Version 3.1 concept below: Ripped Lace
Lace Table Cloth

On a separate but black and white related note, I visited Bergdorf Goodman a few weeks ago while visiting New York; I went to work the sales floor for a few hours and also to help sell the card cases we printed for them. db clay is in the process of brainstorming our “point of purchase solution” for our retailers… it is a running riddle for us:

How are our wallets best displayed? What kind of signage do we need to put up? How do we best educate the sales staffs to sell our product? What are the most common questions customers ask? …We are in the process of trying to answer these questions (and others) for Bergdorfs and our other wallet retailers.
While selling, I got thirsty and bought the fanciest bottle of water I have ever seen at their Cafe. The disposable glass bottle the water came in was fancier than some of my glasses at home :)   Let’s be honest, ALL of my glasses at home.
Bergdorf Goodman Towels

Garett Croft Stenson



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