October 19, 2007


Yet another Puzzle preview.

Puzzle Gaffers Tape Wallets
Me working on writing the copy for our upcoming Puzzle wallet campaign…so far this is what I have come up with:

Puzzle Batch #2

Puzzle is a one-of-kind collection of billfolds that was hand printed & painted, by db clay in Portland. No two wallets in this batch arrive the same & only 500 were freshly made (each is individually numbered as part of a set). Picture them as pocket art & happily carry accordingly.

How do you think this sounds thus far? To give you a frame of reference, this copy is going to be used for our website, marketing materials… as well as it is going to be printed on small paper insert cards tucked in each wallet when sold.

Remnants pictured above and Puzzle wallets pictured below, by Alex Steckly:

Puzzle Gaffers Tape Wallets

Puzzle Gaffers Tape Wallets

Garett Croft Stenson



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