October 5, 2007

evil backwards

Bettina’s red wallets and matching mural

Bettina Mcentyre has hand painted products for db clay in the past. She is a great pleasure to work with; she has so much talent and energy about her work.

Pictured below are some red db clay wallets she brushed a few years ago. NOTE: the spotted red wallet in the upper right corner matches the mural below to a T…just on a much smaller scale (back pocket size vs. big door size).
Bettina Mcintire

Sneak peak of early mural stages pictured here: painted on our production room’s steel sliding door.
Bettina Mcintire

The final mural…its about 9 feet tall & 12 feet wide. I smile every time I walk by this beautiful piece in the morning. To me it looks biological, almost like the inside of my lungs.
Bettina Mcintire

Garett Croft Stenson



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