September 30, 2007

The story of db clay

September is down; October is up.

There has been a lot of hole punching & document shredding going on around me these days. I have recently developed a weird obsession with hole punching all my papers, even if I never intend to place the paper in a binder. I simply do it because I love the sensation my ears and hands get when I hole punch small stacks of freshly printer-printed, unsuspecting, and hole free paper.
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As I’ve said before, I love big fat markers. I love highlighters too. I think I am in love with quality office supplies in general- sad state of affairs I know :)
Time Management Advice

October is dedicated to orchestrating our holiday 2007 blitzkrieg…as well preparations for 2008. I will be sure to recycle all the paper I discard as I anticipate there will be a lot of writing (on paper) these next few months.

The goal, with a lot of this planning, is to develop more digital works in 2008. Much less paper work than in 2007.
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