September 19, 2007


NPR interview I chopped up last year.

Last August I was sitting in my car waiting for someone to go somewhere in Portland (I don’t remember the where or the reason). While I waited, I pulled out a generic blue pen & jotted down the following lines from an NPR interview I was listening to at the time. I pulled these lines from a wide breath of NPR snippets I was hearing including commercials, weather and business conversations, etc- And I jumbled the words around as I wrote them down…so a few may not quite make sense; overall, I liked how it reads together:
Eco Friendly Designer Wallets


Pretty cloudy this evening; then clearing.

Lows in the twenty sixes, the main reason to get the pill quickly. You can only get it when its open.

What do we do about teenagers that make up A stalled approval of plan b.

Andrew Van Heschenbach- their was a previous customer up.

Head the agency + base it on science.

Garett Croft Stenson



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