September 10, 2007

Version 3

The key is moving out.

My pretty pale yellow home is officially for Rent!
Skeleton Key

Early October: I will be fixing the place up; it is a bit rundown and requires nothing other than D.T.W.G.A (Danny Tanner’s white-gloved attention).
Skeleton Key

We ran a young and anxious db clay out of this home for nearly (2) years back in the day; those were some very interesting years for Tyler, Diggles and me. A bit dark, and yet awfully inspiring were 2005/6. Tyler and me lived upstairs (in separate rooms thank you Jesus) and he would often walk around the house and strum his guitar …as I worked late nights on db clay stuffs…we both needed to get out of that house so so bad- We both thought the other had lost it. Diggles too, and he didn’t even live there :)

We 3 spent a lot of time and ate a lot of meals together.
Skeleton Key

Steve Steckly’s large “Madras” photo, hung in the breakfast nook, when we used to live there. Now, you can buy the wallet instead!

Version 3 Madras

Skeleton Key

My house is on a busy corner; I don’t suggest kids or dogs at this residence. Fortunately, I don’t/didn’t have either.
Skeleton Key

Garett Croft Stenson



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