February 9, 2009

evil backwards

“Postive Talk Around The Clock”

Me just got a note from cousin Kari and I was so pleased to hear the premise of her new occupational endeavor. Rather than trying to explain what she is doing myself, I copied and pasted her note below:

Dear Friends–
Many of you have expressed an interest in my new gig, so here’s the scoop. I am now working for Daytona & Friends Worldwide Radio. A national radio network that focuses on “Positive Talk Around The Clock”. The station handles subjects such as business, travel, entertainment, sports, and home improvement without controversy and without “doom and gloom.” With times being as negative as they are right now, I feel that “positive talk” is a much needed change.

You can listen online 24/7 at daytonafriendsworld.com and (since you are here ) check out our page on Facebook and become a fan. I appreciate your support. – Kari Bushman

Garett Croft Stenson



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