September 4, 2007

Version 3

I carry Feathers.

Feathers (photo taken by Steve Steckly) is my favorite Version 3 wallet right now- I smile every time I pull it out.

Quick story: We ordered our Version 3 Feather’s inventory with dark blue thread on the inside (to match the dark blue feather in image)- however, said wallets returned from our manufacturer with pale pink thread on the inside (to match the pale pink feather in image)…it was seemingly a mistake, however after thoughtful evaluation, I realized I really like the pale pink now that I’ve sat on it for a few days…literally (back pocket) as well as mentally (upper head). Our next batch of Feathers wallets (scheduled to arrive in November) will arrive with the dark blue thread inside, as initially ordered…both should be very pretty and strong wallets. Take your pick:

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets
Feathers Eco Friendly Designer Wallet

Let Version 3 R&D begin with my wallet: in pocket as of 08 30 07 …one of my biggest production related projects right now is continually scrutinizing Tope for its durability and such.

So far so good; I am so excited for the future of Tope.
Feathers Eco Friendly Designer Wallet

Garett Croft Stenson



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