September 4, 2007

The story of db clay

Back from Bumbershoot.

We drove back from Seattle late last night- we got home about 2:30am PST. Myself, as well as some of the other db clay faculty, headed north for Labor Day weekend; we set up a booth and sold our wallets by the handful to excited Bumbershoot (Seattle’s Music and Art Festival) attendees. It was a fantastic retail experience for us and we saw a bit of live music here and there. Seattle was packed.
Bumbershoot Seattle

The day before we left for Bumbershoot (which was also the day after we just got back from the POOL Tradeshow in Las Vegas), our Version 3 wallet inventory showed up. We had about a (24) hour window in between Vegas and Seattle to package up Version 3 orders and get them shipped out to our retailers. We had hundreds of pre-orders to get out the door before September 1…Click here to see our store list- All of whom, are now stocked up on Version 3 wallets.  Go check ‘em out.
Bumbershoot Seattle

Image below is a batch of hand-printed wallets Brian painted for Bumbershoot. They looked hot and we nearly sold out of all of them…
Bumbershoot Seattle

Garett Croft Stenson



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