September 1, 2007

The story of db clay

Crafts meet technology.

Today, September 1, marks the official launch of our brand new Let’s also call today the official launch of Version 3 wallets. Today is a darn good day. After nearly a year in development, Version 3 inventory has finally arrived and is shipping out (we appreciate all of you placed pre-orders / enjoy your new wallets).

Image below was taken in Canby, Oregon…during the good ol’ Duct Tape Wallet making days at the Juniper House. I sat at that desk and folded for hours, perfecting my craft. I soon brought on my brother Tyler, and hired other friends to help me make wallets…the demand for our hand made wallets was deafening and it was causing and yanking us to grow.
Duct Tape Wallet Kit
Years later, Technology was introduced to my wallet business in the form of a certain Mr. Diggles. He was my roommate and we also waited tables together at a stressful Tex/Mex joint about 30 miles south of Portland. Mr. Diggles represents, amongst other things, the “Technology” side of the phrase: Crafts meet Technology.
To come full circle, Mr. Diggles and our absolute savior (and Computer Programmer) David Frey, spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours building this new website. Per the image below, it is clean:
Duct Tape Wallet Kit

Garett Croft Stenson



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