August 30, 2007

Version 3

Version 3 inventory just arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got back from Vegas at 3am last night. We were there, exhibiting at the POOL Tradeshow. This morning (at 9:02 am PST) our Version 3 inventory finally arrived! We have been working on said line of designer wallets for almost an entire year now and our final product has finally showed up (see boxes in image below)!!!! I am so excited to get these shipped out to customers!!!!! They look so good!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time I have seen the final product…up until now they have just been “samples.” I immediately switched my cards and cash into a brand new Feather s Wallet. Eco Friendly Designer Wallers

In a non-negative way (because I had a ton of fun hanging out with The db clay Faculty in Vegas this last week), I don’t like Las Vegas…It is too much for my brain to handle.  I don’t like how the city tries and tricks me every two seconds…I feel violated, etc.
POOL Tradeshow

Family Note: I am going to visit my parents in 2 weeks. They live about a (6) hour drive North of Vegas in a much different town. The reason for trip: Mom and Dad have been married 40 years (as of mid September)- we are hosting a party for them…I am in charge of putting together one of their gifts (a coffee table book I am compiling on behalf of the kids)- It will be called “Living Rooms”


Garett Croft Stenson



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