August 20, 2007

The story of db clay

db clay for BERGDORF GOODMAN; a sneak preview.

db clay for Bergdorf Goodman
We are finishing up a batch of (110) custom card cases: Alex Steckly (of db clay) printed them last week in NE Portland, exclusively for BERGDORF GOODMAN. (BG) is an unreal and large retail experience/presence in NYC. Go visit them and pick up one of these beautifully printed and oddly colored card cases:

1. Unicorn Heads.

2. Pale Circles.

3. Lipstick Dammasch.

4. Washed Out Pastel Flowers.

* $75 each piece, (110) available in their store only.

Before we ship, we are going to be designing up some point of purchase signage, Tyler will be individually numbering each wallet in the limited set (i.e. # 2/110)…and we are going to softly placing each one in its own slate gray gift box…oh, and we’ll be wrapping them up in stamped butcher paper as well.

They are going to be hot when placed under clear lit glass in store next week. We are very excited for this BERGDORF GOODMAN production run . Enjoy ya’ll+

Garett Croft Stenson



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