November 2, 2006

The story of db clay

10 Things to look for in designer wallet, by db clay.

  1. Durability, must last under extreme back-pocket conditions.
  2. Discover the artist, who actually “designed” your piece of pocket art?
  3. Clean, straight, uniform and colorful stitching is standard.
  4. Each wallet tells a story and has intention behind it, concept driven.
  5. Build the brand surrounding the wallet, to add value to entire experience.
  6. Fine line between sophistication and care free, walk it.
  7. Print quality, image quality and originality of work.
  8. Limited edition wallets are personally signed, numbered in a set, and hand printed.
  9. Patent Pending angle, how many wallet companies can say they have this?
  10. Conversation piece, unique wallets catch eyes and get comments one after another.

Garett Croft Stenson



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