July 24, 2007

Childhood Memories

Find the hidden objects.

Saving Music
Carefully study image above and browse for the hidden objects I sneakily drew in: Carrot legs, hand flowers and shark carpets, to name a few examples…

As aforementioned, me sneakily drew in some everyday items (into this ol’ childhood masterpiece pictured above).

I drew this picture in Wyoming, with my dad’s fancy architecture marker set. I would place it as drawn sometime before I entered second grade; exact date uncertain.
Can you find the following hidden objects?

1. shark fin

2. record

3. apple

4. orange

5. telephon cord

6. b_bat

7. apple

8. armadillo

9. carrot

10. forest

11. umbrella

12. baseball

13. stick dog

14. hand

15. butterfly

16. house face

17. strawberry

18. banana

19. no legs on someshing’

Garett Croft Stenson



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