October 8, 2006

Little Awkward

The New York Times mentions db clay’s tape wallets in Shade Clothing Article, thanks sis!

My sister Chelsea runs a company called Shade Clothing- her business is booming and she recently gave db clay a plug in an interview she gave to the NY Times. About 4 years ago she told me of her plans to start a small company to sell form-fitted shirts for women- I’ve watched it grow. I just got an email this morning from NYTimes.com informing me of db clay’s mention in article about Shade! We’ve always been close as siblings and the last 4 years has been a journey for both of us as we’ve built businesses, she handles stress better than me and we have been pushing hard building our indivdiual brands. We’ve been working on a co-branded product this month, gearing up for the holiday season- “Brother for Sister.” Printed shirts, designed by db clay, produced and sold by Shade.


Garett Croft Stenson



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