June 17, 2007


One hundred % is weigh too much you know.

Diana, Party of 12
This morning, I was waiting at a Train Stop underneath the Burnside Bridge. I had just helped Brian set up the booth at Portland Saturday Market for the day, when an old toothless man came up to me with a question. Dude was drunk and a bit off. I enjoyed meeting him and our conversation.

Below is a brief summary of the words dialogged between us:

MAN: “How well are you?

ME: “Pretty good man, thanks. How are you?”

MAN: “Are you surrrrrrrrrre you’re well (slurred)?”

ME: “I think so, I would say I am close 100%.”

ASIDE: I didn’t really think about the question he asked me before I replied with my one hundred percent figure. I was sort of giving him a generic overall assessment. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk (it was early and I was a bit out of it myself) and I didn’t genuinely think about his question. He proceeded to then call me out…

MAN: “One hundred percent is weigh too much you know!” He laughed out loud.
The man wandered around and approached each person standing at the Train Stop around me. He would laughingly mock me and tell them:

MAN: “This guy over here thinks he’s one hundred percent…that is weigh too much you know…”

He heckled me for about 15 minutes; he definitely doubted my ambitious perfect score. Before he hopped on the Blue Line, I gave in and told him:

“OK man, you’re right, how does ninety percent sound?”

Garett Croft Stenson



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