June 7, 2007

The story of db clay

I got a coffee mug for making a wallet on TV.

I have a Dream Foundation of Oregon
Yesterday, I went down to Portland Public Media (A local news network) and I had an interview with a 6th Grader named Carl. He asked me questions about my wallet company, my family, where I went to school, what kind of music I like, what my most embarrassing moment in life was (I told him when “I went to the bathroom in my pants at the LA Airport back in high school…”), where did the name db clay come from, etc. Kid gave me a good interview- we were both a bit nervous but the mood definitely lightened up after I told him about my LA Airport accident. Comedy.
His school class recruited me for this interview by sending me a nice note in the mail. It went something like this:

“Dear Mr. Stenson,

We are writing to request an interview with you for a TV Show written, produced, shot and edited entirely by 6th grade students at Woodlawn Elementary School in North Portland. We participate in the ‘I Have a Dream’ program…”

I went down to the station, gave the interview, made a Ductbills on air with Carl and was gone rather quickly. On the way out I met a Portland Trailblazer…I don’t remember his name though.

My interview will be airing on cable access TV for a couple of months. It’s not quite Larry King Live but its a dang good start. Well done Carl.

Buy one of the kits we made our wallets with!

“A complete do-it-yourself Duct Tape Wallet Kit”

Visit their website and make a donation!


Garett Croft Stenson



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