May 29, 2007


Red Water, Green Fruit, Yellow Puzzle #205, a colorful Memorial Day Weekend in Portland, etc.

Red Food Coloring
Memorial Day Weekend: Everyone at db clay took Monday off to do whatever. I sold some wallets on Saturday and Sunday at the Portland Saturday Market and I went to a BBQ on Monday- lots of people were out and about in Portland for the Holiday Weekend. It was good to see.
I was walking out of my apartment on Memorial Day- day, and then a big grin hit me: some cat had put red food coloring in the fountain near the entryway. I assumed it was either a prank, a Slurpee accident, a crime scene or perhaps someone’s way of commemorating some memories on Memorial Day. Who knows, I will never know, glad I saw it, a good memory, I didn’t do it, etc.

Pictured below is Puzzle Wallet #205 sitting in a metal holey bowl next to some fruit on my kitchen table. I liked how the colors looked in this picture- I have been hitting (eating) a lot of pears lately and drinking a few Vodka Tonics (with a lime) during the late evenings. I gots’ to have lime in stock, it was good to get out this weekend, back to work today, etc!

Lime and Pear and Puzzle

Garett Croft Stenson



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