May 24, 2007

Little Awkward

Blank shirts are going to be painted

Shade in the Summer
The task at hand is to turn these six blank shirts (pictured above) into six printed shirts. We’ve tossed around several ideas, but the winners for the first round will be called:
1. Childhood Chores (Pale Orange Shirt)

2. White Circles (Black Shirt)

3. Unicorn (Slate Gray Shirt)

4. Adult Chores (Brown Shirt)

5. Seventies Flowers Meet Eighties Colors (White Shirt)

6. Farragut Flowers (Pale Green Shirt)

We will have 300 of the above shirts printed by June 1.

6 designs x 50 shirts each = 300 cool shirts for the hot summer.  Preview the line below:

Shade Summer Tees

Garett Croft Stenson



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