May 23, 2007

evil backwards

“Not even close,” says Mano-Destra.

Mano DestraWhen I first met Mano-Destra, he was nothing but a punk bus boy at trashy texmex joint (a family restaurant) about 30 minutes south of Portland. Over the years, I watched him fine tune his sound, read electronic music equipment manuals by the truckload and he proudly payed for (and built out) his own Manic Twenty One Studios for producing his unique electronic sounds. Years later, and recently, Mano-Destra has launched a website dedicated to beginning the distribution of his open source music. I know he has big plans for his life’s work:

The image above is some MD logos I attempted to draw for him back in the day. I remember presenting these ideas to him and he gave me that look like he didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but I could tell he wanted nothing to do with the direction I was taking his name. It was comedy watching him try to sugar coat his disinterest.

Garett Croft Stenson



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