May 22, 2007

Version 3

I cannot wait for Lights of Spain.

Lights of Spain
Version 3 is taking her time. I don’t blame her; she is worth the wait. We have been developing said line of wallets (Titled Version 3) since late 2006 and we are all extremely eager to carry a new designer wallet in our pocket. 2007 is flying by and we badly need to get more wallets in stock- Version 1 and 2 are nearly gone and we NEED the new inventory. We need Version 3. We are drooling with anticipation.

Our biggest delay (a good delay) in production came from a groundbreaking discovery of an eco-friendly textile that we custom engineered for use in construction of Version 3. Version 3 will be made from a new material we call “Tope”, an eco-friendly material, and these wallets will be by far our most innovative product launch since db clay’s birth. They are going to be hot.
Lights of Spain, is wallet number seven in a collection of twelve. Image above is just a teaser. We ask you all to prayer for Version 3′s safe arrival…

Garett Croft Stenson



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