May 19, 2007

The story of db clay

Wrinkles in the sun, not in water.

Waterproof wallet

Colorful Pocket Insert Cards (carefully stuffed in each pocket of our old tape wallets): I had fourteen square inches (7 inches front / 7 inches back) to explain all of my suggested consumer care instructions for how someone ought to take care of the hand made duct tape wallet they just bought from me. I wanted to pack as much info on the card as I could. Waterproof, avoiding sun, cleaning instructions, etc. Image above is an old business card design brainstorm session I had. We used the final care instructions logo in a few different spots (see image below take at Portland Saturday Market).
Mark your calendars: myDuctbills is sponsoring a Kids Day Event at Portland Saturday Market. Sunday June 3, 11-3pm:

This could get interesting. We will be teaching over (100) kids how to hand make their own Duct Tape Wallet using our complete do-it-yourself Duct Tape wallet kits. One-of-a-kind fun for all ages, young and old: Come pick up a Kit (or hand printed wallet) for Father’s Day.
Care instructions

Garett Croft Stenson



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