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June 21, 2008




April 7, 2008



Walking in Portland

Viet un miso radine.

Plunarsa piet sopjest mondune.

Vol. Troi, pali, vol.

April 3, 2008




September 28, 2007


The power just went out and is now back on.

A big truck driver just ran into a Power Line outside our db clay studio; coincidentally, I just picked up the leaves below outside our db clay studio while walking into work this morning. All were within in a few feet of each other…dead/alive.

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

September 12, 2007


Portland Construction.

Portland Construction
Me went walking round downtown Portland last night. This city is so pretty at night; I enjoy it so much. There is a lot of activity in Portland right now: Construction at nearly every corner…I don’t mind too much, for a couple of reasons:

1. I am usually on foot and I don’t have to fight traffic. And I enjoy the look of the big machinery and cranes.
2. A lot of this construction is for the purpose of long term sustainable mass transit infrastructure minded stuffs. Which I love…I hope there are no cars in Portland in the future.

September 9, 2007


Sunday walk at Noon.

Shadow on N Lombard Railing; heading over Interstate 5.
Walking Wallets

Reminded me of Tyler: Gold Leaves Curl, fall is a’ coming…
Walking Wallets

Miscellaneous dead squished rodent.
Walking Wallets


Walking Wallets

July 13, 2007


A garage in disorder.

Get your life together
+ I walk by this partially propped open (and dilapidated) garage nearly every morning. Each time I do, I smile and think to myself, “Get it together dude…” I don’t know who lives in this house, but I do know that I have something in common with them: We both need to schedule a Spring Cleaning Day and we both need to gain control of our lives.

Garbage and Garage are only a “b” apart.  Garett isn’t too far off.

March 27, 2007


Purple pops my eyes.

Purple Flowers

= I see these flowers every time I walk down Vancouver Ave in North Portland. I am usually strolling by these beauties around the time of dusk- the early evenings in Portland provide a very unique sunlight (rare) that seems to make certain colors glow. Like purple for example- We don’t get them everyday and thats just fine. Cloud formations are money too.
This particular batch of 4 leaf purple clovers (pictured above) were sneakily plucked from a yard couched on Commercial Avenue at about 7:15Am this morning. I am trying my best to get up early these days- flowers like this, numerous weird (people) experiences on public transportation and scenic walks to work are highly well worth the missed hours of sleep.

March 19, 2007


I didn’t find any clovers.

Farragut Flowers

+ I slept in until about 1PM on Saturday (morning)- I’ve been getting up at 5am these days and the extra eight hours of sleep was marvelous. Friday night was the cake, Saturday Morning was the icing, Saturday Night was the burning candles, Sunday Morning was the wishful breath, Sunday was the birthday (not mine), etc.
I plucked these yellow & white flowers up from the Park near db clay’s new red-brick-shop (while taking a long walk on Sunday); I brought them inside & then I cut their hairy green stems off with dull purple & black scissors.

March 12, 2007


Walking safety, Tips #1 & 2.

Walking Safety 101
Make your own walking safety clip with reflective tape purchased at: “All Kinds of Colored Tape!”  Also, pull out your headphones everyone once in a while and listen to the bustling cars zoom past- do you walk with or against traffic?
Walking Safety 102

Garett Croft Stenson



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