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November 8, 2007

Version 3

Portland Trailblazers Clashing?

Portland Trailblazers
Me went to go watch Channing Frye and the Portland Trailblazers (an NBA Basketball Team) play last night- it was their first home game of the season and it was my first Blazer’s game attended in almost 5 years. I went with Mr. Diggles, cheered and the Blazers won to top it off.
Portland Trailblazers

Row D, Seat 4, great seats, free hat, etc. How about a Portland themed wallet to go with your new Portland themed hat?

November 2, 2007

Version 3

San Francisco Clashing?

We have seen a recent surge re: our Portland Clashing wallet. Sales were a bit sluggish at first (compared to our other designs); however recently, it has started to jump off shelves rather quickly. Graphically speaking, it stands out amongst the other wallets in our Version 3 collection which we estimated as the reason for slower sales. But things have turned around as of late- A big reason for this recent surge, just might be our recent plug in SFMOMA’s (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) Holiday Catalogue which has a circulation of 40,000: see below

db clay wallets, in particular Portland Clashing, are featured on page 19 of the new SFMOMA Catalogue. Visit their Museum Store at 151 Third Street in San Francisco, or visit them online to pick one up:


October 18, 2007

Version 3

Whipping Tail is black/white; Cowboy is color.

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

1. I drew this handsome cowboy when I was a kid With markers in Wyoming (I was born there and moved to Oregon in Second Grade). The move was such a big deal for me at the time…in hindsight, I remember Wyoming fondly but now I thank the sun/stars I’ve landed in Portland. Both are great places, but Portland has been heat branded on my ace for the long term.
2. I just returned from a recent New York trip early morning yesterday- I have been visiting it for the last (5) days. I hung out with my friend Graeme mostly- we walked the city and B.S.’d while he shot black and white photos. He was working on a job for a Portland Magazine…he was shooting pictures for an article they are writing featuring Brooklyn hot spots. We went here.
3. Our Whipping Tail wallet represents a combination of scenarios #1 and #2 above. Graeme hunts down and shoots pictures for wallets, for db clay. He freelances, shoots editorial fashion and he specializes in black and white portraits he takes with gritty classic film.
I love to LIVE in Portland. I love to VISIT New York. I hope to GO to Europe in 2008.

October 10, 2007

Version 3

What do I do right now.

What Do I Do Right NOw
This old pencil drawn man has been pining over which Version 3 wallet to pick up, for almost 8 years now…”Do I want a Stampage Black…or do I want a Lights of Spain…or… do I want Golden Locks…….Ahhhh….I can’t decide… ,” he grumbles to himself. “I simply want them all…”

September 21, 2007

Version 3

Broadway picture on brick wall.

Steve Steckly stopped by today and dropped off the above Broadway print for us…we can’t wait to hang it up; It is about 3 feet wide. Print is numbered 1 of 10. Have a good weekend everyone.
Steve Steckly

September 18, 2007

Version 3

Special Presentation Packet From Portland

A full set of Version 3 wallets, as well as a Ms. Frey wallet sample set (prettily painted pocket art pieces), are on a plane from Portland to Paris right now; this package is stuffed full of db clay goodies which should be arriving in Paris very soon.
Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

Sneak preview of Limited Edition Ms. Frey’s below…Available Holiday 2008.
Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

September 13, 2007

Version 3

Dark Bark is lightly eco friendly.

Dark Bark Eco Friendly
Walked out of me ol’ Portland Hotel/Apartment room early this morning. This was The only tree on the entire street that was dropping leaves…all the other trees’ leaves were non falling yet. This one tree, however, was jumping guns on autumn.
For a constant reminder of trees, you can always put a Dark Bark in your pocket. Oh, and it’s made from Tope!

September 10, 2007

Version 3

The key is moving out.

My pretty pale yellow home is officially for Rent!
Skeleton Key

Early October: I will be fixing the place up; it is a bit rundown and requires nothing other than D.T.W.G.A (Danny Tanner’s white-gloved attention).
Skeleton Key

We ran a young and anxious db clay out of this home for nearly (2) years back in the day; those were some very interesting years for Tyler, Diggles and me. A bit dark, and yet awfully inspiring were 2005/6. Tyler and me lived upstairs (in separate rooms thank you Jesus) and he would often walk around the house and strum his guitar …as I worked late nights on db clay stuffs…we both needed to get out of that house so so bad- We both thought the other had lost it. Diggles too, and he didn’t even live there :)

We 3 spent a lot of time and ate a lot of meals together.
Skeleton Key

Steve Steckly’s large “Madras” photo, hung in the breakfast nook, when we used to live there. Now, you can buy the wallet instead!

Version 3 Madras

Skeleton Key

My house is on a busy corner; I don’t suggest kids or dogs at this residence. Fortunately, I don’t/didn’t have either.
Skeleton Key

September 4, 2007

Version 3

I carry Feathers.

Feathers (photo taken by Steve Steckly) is my favorite Version 3 wallet right now- I smile every time I pull it out.

Quick story: We ordered our Version 3 Feather’s inventory with dark blue thread on the inside (to match the dark blue feather in image)- however, said wallets returned from our manufacturer with pale pink thread on the inside (to match the pale pink feather in image)…it was seemingly a mistake, however after thoughtful evaluation, I realized I really like the pale pink now that I’ve sat on it for a few days…literally (back pocket) as well as mentally (upper head). Our next batch of Feathers wallets (scheduled to arrive in November) will arrive with the dark blue thread inside, as initially ordered…both should be very pretty and strong wallets. Take your pick:

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets
Feathers Eco Friendly Designer Wallet

Let Version 3 R&D begin with my wallet: in pocket as of 08 30 07 …one of my biggest production related projects right now is continually scrutinizing Tope for its durability and such.

So far so good; I am so excited for the future of Tope.
Feathers Eco Friendly Designer Wallet

August 30, 2007

Version 3

Version 3 inventory just arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got back from Vegas at 3am last night. We were there, exhibiting at the POOL Tradeshow. This morning (at 9:02 am PST) our Version 3 inventory finally arrived! We have been working on said line of designer wallets for almost an entire year now and our final product has finally showed up (see boxes in image below)!!!! I am so excited to get these shipped out to customers!!!!! They look so good!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time I have seen the final product…up until now they have just been “samples.” I immediately switched my cards and cash into a brand new Feather s Wallet. Eco Friendly Designer Wallers

In a non-negative way (because I had a ton of fun hanging out with The db clay Faculty in Vegas this last week), I don’t like Las Vegas…It is too much for my brain to handle.  I don’t like how the city tries and tricks me every two seconds…I feel violated, etc.
POOL Tradeshow

Family Note: I am going to visit my parents in 2 weeks. They live about a (6) hour drive North of Vegas in a much different town. The reason for trip: Mom and Dad have been married 40 years (as of mid September)- we are hosting a party for them…I am in charge of putting together one of their gifts (a coffee table book I am compiling on behalf of the kids)- It will be called “Living Rooms”


Garett Croft Stenson



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