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April 4, 2008

Version 3

Steve Steckly on First Thursday.

Steve Steckly Photography
Last night I went down, and out, and checked out some new works by Steve Steckly. He has a show up in a gallery on 14th and NW Everett Street…in Portland’s Pearl District.  Go check it out if you are in town. Steve is the same cat who took the picture atop our Madras wallet.

March 14, 2008

Version 3

Golden Locks Creepy?

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

Yesterday afternoon, I had a phone interview with a sweet lady from the Chicago Tribune.  We spoke for about an hour regarding the ins, the outs, and the story behind the shape shifting of db clay.  It was a good talk and we covered a lot of ground-  Her article is scheduled to run mid April.
One thing brought up during our conversation was the Golden Locks wallet we are currently offering in our Version 3 collection of wallets.  Although intrigued, she did use the word “creepy” to describe it- we both laughed.  I explained to her that people either get this wallet, or they don’t.   My intention was to not be creepy, moreover, conceptual…almost wood grain’esque…brown and black and textured. By definition, your interpretation is up to you.

March 10, 2008

Version 3

Deep Northwest Portland.

NW 21st Avenue Portland Oregon

The majority of my early Sunday evening was spent on foot, walking around NW, enjoying the extra hour daylight savings afforded me, and simply, I was thinking about all there is to think about as I have a lot on my mind right now.  Walking, especially on pretty nights such as this, is the best medication I can give myself and a realization I came to last night: clouds exist, only if you let them.
If you like clouds, check out Steve Steckly’s Madras wallet here.

February 29, 2008

Version 3

Version 3 line sheet.

Version 3 eco friendly designer wallets

Version 3 is comprised of (12) wallet designs, as listed below:

Stampage Black
Stampage Brown
Ms. Frey Gold
Faith on Juniper

Portland Clashing

Dark Bark

Lights of Spain



Golden Locks


Whipping Tail

January 18, 2008

Version 3

Life is Not Calm.

Being away in Asia these last few weeks has afforded me a rare chance to reflect on my position regarding Portland, db clay and life right now. I am glad I came here (and got away for a while) as it’s given me a chance to unplug, look back, think, dissect, and really ponder what course of action I’m going to take when I get back home in a few days. In doing so, I’ve determined that it is time to grow up and it’s time to move forward from the good ol’ days. Up until now, I haven’t been able to let go of the past which has blurred my perception and ability to tackle the future. I’ve been caught in my own immature net and simply, I realized I have previously been young and soft and naive. I recently came across a small writeup my buddy Graeme posted on his website, a while back, and it sparked something new in me. It made me realize that we have something special going for us and we need to own it rather than squander in its chaos.  It is now time to really travel for the first time in my life…literally, emotionally, metaphorically and maturely. It is time to move on from the P.S.M. mindset I once held so dear.

New York photo below by Graeme Mitchell. Let’s just call it the head of our Whipping Tail wallet.

Lights of Spain wallet photo below by Graeme Mitchell.
Amateur China photo below by Garett Croft Stenson.

December 19, 2007

Version 3

White Locks and Long Lashes.

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets
This is probably the prettiest Santa Clause I have ever seen…pictured here smelling the perfume that is our Version 3, Golden Locks wallet. I made this ol’ bust of Santa Clause when I was a kid with markers and colored construction paper. Long lashes, stunning blue eyes, rouge smacked cheeks and a holly broach adorning his white fluffy red cap. I have a feeling this guy is going to deliver diamonds rather than coal this year…one can only hope if they’ve been good.

December 12, 2007

Version 3

Holiday Lights of Spain.

Me was recently working on a “12 Days of Christmas” countdown campaign. I was putting together a holiday themed image to accompany each of our Version 3 wallets…It was going to be ohhhh so glorious (see preview image below). I had this big creative plan mapped out… but let’s just say I ran out of time and said project fell short (and was never released)- maybe next year? Image below will give you a rough idea of the direction it was heading. Even though the campaign never came to fruition, you can still pick up a lovely wallet just in time for the holidays. I suggest you pick up one of our Lights of Spain wallets for the traveler on your list.
Version 3 eco friendly designer wallets

Speaking of unfinished projects, my friend Graeme (who captured this Lights of Spain image) forwarded me a link today that I thought was fitting. See more unrealized projects by hicking clear.
Version 3 eco friendly designer wallets

December 4, 2007

Version 3

Dark Adventures.

When me was a kid, I use to play the Nintendo Game “Zelda” for hours and hours and hours. I remember very vividly the Christmas morning when us kids found our new N.E.S. game console under the ol’ pine tree (we were so happy). It was such a fun adventure to feel apart of…However, that is about where my love for video games stopped. I haven’t really played much in the 20 years since. These days, I am too busy running a wallet company to dive into video games…but Zelda, in particular, will always have a warm spot in my cold heart. Fond memories arose out of these dark adventures most certainly.
Zelda Nintendo Entertainment System

Me drew Mr. Zelda himself below when I was a kid. You have the choice of gifting a video game or a wallet this holiday season…I suggest gifting a wallet of course :)
Zelda Nintendo Entertainment System

November 20, 2007

Version 3

Wallet Licking Duct Tape Candy Cane.

This ol’ fool is currently grappling with creating imagery for the impending db clay Holiday Gift Guide (which is set to release tonight). I am so excited to launch this campaign- stay tuned, it should be live within 24 hours or so.

Last night I worked late and put together a set of holiday themed imagery to accompany our wallets in this final holiday dripping push through the end of 2007. We have about 6 weeks left to sell before 2008 is here, which is a scary thought indeed. As I’ve previously described the year 2006, 2007 was a blur of its own. We are currently mapping out 2008 and the theme is going to be, for lack of a better word, focused. Simply, db clay has historically acted like an ADD Chicken with it’s head cut off who’s high on Meth…our goal next year is to settle down into our wallet role, breath and take our time to cleverly express our guts by creating the best wallets in the world and enjoying life while doing it. We have a long long long long long long long long long long long short way to go, and then some. I am currently trying to train myself to be more keenly aware of the present…rather than always stressing about planning the future. The good news is that I have noticed a significant decline in my soul anxiety levels over the last 6 months. I think I’ve “clicked” over.
Our Current Best Selling Wallet On Line is: Stampage Brown

November 14, 2007

Version 3

Faith on Gingerbread.

Faith on Juniper eco friendly wallet
We are in the process of fine tuning our “Holiday Gift Guide 2007″ – we hope to launch it by next Tuesday. It will showcase a rundown of our current products for sale. Our Faith on Juniper wallet will surely be mentioned- each comes packaged in a classy gray gift box, white tissue paper wrap and a small story insert card that reads:

Faith on Juniper…for all those in your life who enjoy wood, carpentry, trees, building, frames, campfires, gardening and the like.”

Garett Croft Stenson



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