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October 30, 2007


Halloween Party recap, Part II:

Julian Tulips topless, The Italian Stallion roughing up the DJ, Mr. Diggles in Rollerblades.
Halloween Costume

Red shiny fingernails.
Halloween Costume

Shirt is coming off…oops, you’re too late.
Halloween Costume

Black swanky neck tie still on…he’s warming up.
Halloween Costume

Back to the Jacket on Julian while he’s punching Mr. Diggles in the face.
Halloween Costume

Julian standing next to black box, peace, Broadway photo by Steve Steckly. Julian also MC’d our costume catwalk fashion show…we gave out a FREE Broadway wallet as the grand prize.
Halloween Costume

October 29, 2007


Halloween Party Recap, Part I:

Halloween Costume
Just say “More Fog!”
Halloween Costume

Keep positive.
Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa, Circa 1975.
Halloween Mask

Plastic fake face left behind.

October 24, 2007


I am excited for Saturday Night.

Owl at Night

October 22, 2007


What you gonna be?

Halloween Costume
This colored pencil drawing I pulled from an old sketchbook of mine, might provide you with a costume idea (or two) for this week’s Halloween ho-down. A fisherman, a timid pigskin player perhaps, or my favorite… an old drunk hairy man with his hand down his pants…these are just loose ideas, what you are is up to you.

October 4, 2007


Save the date!

Save the date postcardsOctober 27…stay tuned for more spooky details :)

July 18, 2007


Mr. Diggles is twenty seven.

Happy Birthday Diggles
Happy Birthday Diggles- enjoy the day off. I hope your day is filled with fun games of Ouija, popped balloons, fiery bottle rockets and cold Silver Falls (rather than quietly humming computer chips).

See you back in the ol’ office manana!

May 29, 2007


Red Water, Green Fruit, Yellow Puzzle #205, a colorful Memorial Day Weekend in Portland, etc.

Red Food Coloring
Memorial Day Weekend: Everyone at db clay took Monday off to do whatever. I sold some wallets on Saturday and Sunday at the Portland Saturday Market and I went to a BBQ on Monday- lots of people were out and about in Portland for the Holiday Weekend. It was good to see.
I was walking out of my apartment on Memorial Day- day, and then a big grin hit me: some cat had put red food coloring in the fountain near the entryway. I assumed it was either a prank, a Slurpee accident, a crime scene or perhaps someone’s way of commemorating some memories on Memorial Day. Who knows, I will never know, glad I saw it, a good memory, I didn’t do it, etc.

Pictured below is Puzzle Wallet #205 sitting in a metal holey bowl next to some fruit on my kitchen table. I liked how the colors looked in this picture- I have been hitting (eating) a lot of pears lately and drinking a few Vodka Tonics (with a lime) during the late evenings. I gots’ to have lime in stock, it was good to get out this weekend, back to work today, etc!

Lime and Pear and Puzzle

April 8, 2007


Bizarre childhood poem & Easter Eggs!

Easter Poem

I wrote down this poem when I was 9. I honestly can’t remember if I wrote it myself or if I copied it from somewhere- does anyone know? I went through a childhood phase where I went dark for a while. I wrote a few poems about death, I drew some scary pictures, I starting cussing, etc. I don’t remember being evil per se, moreover I was just curious and spiritually discontent and simply, I was a kid. I smiled so big when I found this poem in one of my childhood keepsake boxes. I thought it would be suitable for an Easter tribute- It was stapled together with the green worm illustration below:

I drew this picture to go with my Death Poem. I used my dad’s really nice market set to draw it. Those were the best markers I have ever used- I think he bought them for use during his architecture day job. He’s a great architect and he had all the toys…electric erasers, cool paper, a big desk and oh, quite a marker set.
Inside of Empty Easter Eggs (E.E.E). I already ate the Candy.
Coloring Easter Eggs

Mis-matched tops and bottoms- we have all done it.
Creative Colored Easter Eggs

Plants Brian brought in, they look like rabbit’s feet. I have a feeling these are luckier.
Easter Eggs Hunt

April 6, 2007


Birthday party, diggles, ian, graeme, jeff, etc.

Birthday Party

April 2, 2007


April Fools Day 2007: cozy paper, falafel, ants.


Garett Croft Stenson



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