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July 18, 2008


Mr. Diggles BDAY.

Mr. Diggles
Happy 28th Birthday Mr. Diggles! We have been through a lot together. Matter of fact, for your birthday, how about we name a wallet after you?

July 7, 2008


Co-Dependence Day.

Rubber Ball
Over the long holiday weekend, not only did I attend a couple of BBQ/parties, but I also finalized the big move into my new apartment. I spent most of the day Friday (and the entire weekend for that matter) rearranging my new place…deep cleaning, hanging up art, deciding what drawer my forks should go in, etc. While doing so, and in the process of moving, I came across many a trinket that I had tucked in some random box, tucked in some random junk drawer. One trinket in particular that caught my eye was this wildly colorful rubber ball. This spherical object looked like a tiny planet. I bounced it a couple of times and then, as I should have done with most of my other junk, I threw it away.
Portland Fireworks
On Friday night, I ended up going to a friend’s BBQ being hosted on the South Waterfront. We had a great view of the downtown fireworks show from his 21st floor apartment. A stunning view indeed.
Cut Foot
After the fireworks show, and after a few tall cold ones, I decided to walk home to my new apartment (rather than drive). It was about 2am and I walked about 4 miles…from SW to NW. It was definitely a hike, but a beautiful walk nonetheless. I was wearing sandals and they ended up rubbing a big gash in my foot.

March 21, 2008


Beaster Money.

Easter Bunny
Winding through a side street in downtown Portland, about two nights ago, I came across this festive jewelery store window display. Inside were a bunch of small porcelain bunny figurines sitting atop brown fuzzy boxes. It all appeared to be from a different decade, almost surreal. A grand attempt at holiday merchandising indeed- it made me want to buy some jewels, perhaps even some gold. But alas, the jewelery had been removed for the night, and probably was placed in a safe somewhere.

I’ll have to go back at 3pm on Sunday.

February 15, 2008


Valentines Day 2008 Recap.

Valentines Day 2008
Yesterday was indeed a bizarre, yet very fitting, Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have dinner reservations. I didn’t get a kiss. I didn’t give flowers. Matter of fact, I didn’t even realize Valentine’s Day was coming until the day before. Sad I know. I did, however, experience a lot of things relating to the color Red that I would like to share.

My first experience with Red was getting my blood drawn at 11:15am- The doc took four viles of my blood that I will never get back. My second experience with Red was found in someone’s cheeks- I had a long, heartfelt conversation over lunch with a close friend and we talked about issues that caused blood to rush to our faces. My third and fourth experience with Red were combined into one bloody experience. I met my friend Mr. Tulips, who was wearing bright red polyester pants, at a coffee shop in NW Portland. He showed up with a bag of candy, two movie tickets, a backpack, adorning a hood. I got a cup of Green Tea and we wandered over to the Cinema where we sat down together and watched, “There will be Blood.” If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I encourage you to do so. Mr. Daniel Day Lewis, if you are out there, bravo. What a great body of work. You are the type of guy I want carrying a db clay wallet. If you get this message, hit me up, and I will send you one.

I got home about midnight and poured a glass of Red Spanish Table Wine. I drank it, and another, cooked Red Potatoes, watched my lone fuzzy channel 2 and fell asleep. My dreams came in all colors and I awoke to tangled White Bed Sheets and stiff Black Coffee to start a new day.
Side Note: This morning I attended a seminar at the Governor Hotel which was addressing the issue of Strategic Economic Discussions between Chinese and American Businesses.  Former Governor Locke, of Washington, was the key note speaker.

February 14, 2008


I love Ms. Frey Red…oh, and Cellophane too.

About three years ago I was working on a Valentine’s Day promotion for db clay (pictured here). I found this little white bear wearing a heart laden bib at a thrift store in SE Portland. For some reason, which I can’t recall why, I got the urge to dunk and splatter its cute little face with wet paint. Pink paint, white paint and red spray paint. This odd and lovely promotion never surfaced but below is a behind the scenes look at what could have been- Mr. Bear guarding Ms. Frey Red…a limited edition wallet which can now be found in our dead billfolds section along with other paint covered objects.
Valentines Day

Speaking of things related to love, last night I attended a yearly contest sponsored by the Portland Songwriters Association. This competition involved 10 finalists playing two songs each. My little brother, who won the contest last year, followed up this year to defend his crown. He played two original songs and came home with another victory. “Portland’s Songwriter of the Year” two year’s in a row…Not bad Tiny. Lyrics to Cellophane below.

November 30, 2007


Hanukkah begins at sunset on December 4.

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, begins in less than one week (on December 4) and it will run until sunset on December 12. Eight celebratory days in row means you’ll need eight unique gifts to give away- all of which can be picked up in our Holiday Gift Guide here.
Hanukkah Wood

Image below is yet another to-do list of mine commemorating the week of November 26. We have been slammed these last few months getting ready for the holiday season and I have burned through a lot of black markers crossing things off my list…burned, much like a candle.
Hanukkah Wood

November 29, 2007


Childhood XMAS Card.

The images pictured below are an XMAS card I made for me parents back on December 25, 1986. At seven year’s old, I didn’t have much money to buy presents with but I did have crayons and construction paper and ideas and lots of time to spare. In lieu of giving them tangible gifts, I made them a “Coupon Book” that pretty much promised a bunch of chores I would do for them, to help around the house. Checkered stocking image on left below is the back of the card I gave them. Image on the right is the front of the card- a white construction paper snowflake…This snowflake is one of a kind, much like our current Puzzle wallets.
Christmas Card

Inside card left below:

To Mom and Dad, Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

This is your Christmas prezint

Merry Christmas again

Love Garett


December 25, 1986

Insight card right below:

To Mom From Garett

all Help you pick up the hows iny time you wat

Christmas Card

Coupon #2 insert below (a bonus):

To Mom

all help you mace your Bed

From Garett

Image on right below was done free hand with crayon.

If you’d rather give a tangible gift, you can always pick something up in our wallet gift guide here.

Christmas Card

November 26, 2007


Gift Guide will make you lose your head.

Ginger Bread Man - Gift Guide 2007
db clay’s wallet Gift Guide 2007 is stocked with an assortment of products sweeter than candy. Holiday savings of up to 30% can be experienced here.
Ginger Bread Man - Gift Guide 2007

With all the recent holiday excitement, there was one tragedy however…our deals turned out so good that Mr. Gingerbread Man even lost his head over ‘em…We kindly ask that you shop for heads rather than lose them.

November 19, 2007


Santa Clause Clown Jester Guy.

Santa Clause
Me drew this odd character named Randy with markers back when I was a kid. When I came across it in my Childhood Memory Box recently, I smiled so big when I saw it. I have no clue what I was thinking when I drew it. What a weird drawing indeed.
Santa Clause

Image above is the backside (of the paper) for the image pictured way above. Only the black marker seemed to bleed through though… which makes me ask why?

I bet I did the black marker part with a Sharpie and the other colors twas done with Crayola’s. I don’t quite remember.

Or maybe black is just cooler than the other colors.

October 31, 2007

Childhood Memories, Holidays

Witch in training.

Childhood Witch drawing as my way of saying Happy Halloween ya’ll! NOTE: I’m going to give out tooth brushes for Halloween this year, instead of candy, though I don’t expect many tricker treaters knocking at my Hotel/Apartment door. If they do, they get a toothbrush.

Which Witch Would she Want to be I Wonder.

Garett Croft Stenson



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