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July 3, 2008

Version 3.1

Cat Carpet, Revisited.

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I have officially moved out of my hotel room downtown and into a quaint lil’ neighborhood nook in deep NW. Let’s call my recent move an upgrade. My new place is great, however, upon move in, I noticed that the carpet smelled like feline urine. Not good. The prior tenant obviously had a cat that thought the entire bedroom was its own personal litter box. Not good. Considering the cat piss trauma I experienced in my childhood, I was not about to let this pungent aroma go unnoticed. Long story short, my landlord agreed to replace the carpet, and the carpet pad, in my new place this morning- Thank dog backwards. Once the new carpet is in, I will begin the process of settling into my domicile.

Image above is an instant message conversation I had with Mr. Diggles the day after I moved in (pardon the cuss words mom).
Similar to colorful carpet padding, during my move I came across an old pair of multi-colored underwear I had stashed away. My friend has been selling her tie-dye wears at the Portland Saturday Market for a couple of decades. One day she told me to bring her a blank article of clothing for her to dye…Rather than a shirt, I decided to bring her a pair of my tighty-whities. We both laughed, and to this day, I still bust these out for special occasions.

June 27, 2008

Version 3.1

Addicted to Colors.

Yellow and Black Duct Tape
For some reason, lately, I have been hooked on things that are Yellow and Black.

June 14, 2008

Version 3.1

Bunny and Fur.

Dead Bunny
Mr. Diggles drove me home yesterday. I woke up this morning and walked out to my studio to pick up my car- I will be taking a friend to the airport later today and I needed my wheels to do so. On my walk in, I came across this dead bunny. By the looks of ‘em, he got run over by a semi truck. His fur is mashed down and his shoulder blade is compounded…not pretty but definitely peaceful.

June 13, 2008

Version 3.1

Crab Hands and Scary Monsters.

Crab and Bugs
“…and the one crab…”

June 12, 2008

Version 3.1

Sea Creatures in 1990.

Little Mermaid
Pictured above is a drawing I drew of King Triton in 1990. I was 11. I was really into playing movies, pressing pause, and drawing whatever was on the screen. I was really into cartoons. I was really into colored pencils. Image below is Mr. Flounder…The Little Mermaid’s best friend.

Speaking of oceans
Little Mermaid

June 10, 2008

Version 3.1

Grass vs. Paint Stain.


As mentioned earlier, I was in the studio printing wallets this past weekend. In doing so, I took a squeegee covered in green acrylic paint and I smeared it across a sheet of black gaffer’s tape canvas- it produced a bit of a green stone-washed look. It produced a visual effect similar to grass being mashed into denim (as pictured above). Our Grassy wallet, by Steve Steckly, will be on shelves late summer…just in time to put in your back pocket and go play in the park.

June 9, 2008

Version 3.1

Ms. Frey Marble: Saturday Printing Session

Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallets
Over the weekend, on Saturday afternoon in particular, I came into the studio and hand printed Ms. Frey Marble, Batch #1. Getting these done has been on my list for quite some time…I finally made some time on Saturday to bust these out. Image above is one of the completed prints- and one of my favorites.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallet
Each wallet was printed with flexible acrylic paints. Flexible, as to avoid cracking/chipping.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallet
All (100) wallets I printed are completely one of a kind. A cross section of the lot pictured here.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallet
Another one of my favorites…so pretty indeed. I can’t wait to carry one.

June 7, 2008

Version 3.1

Yellow and Black Haiku.

Yellow and Black Flower
Gold, yellow and black.
Walking in Portland today.
Flowers and plump Bugs.

June 6, 2008

Version 3.1

Mysterious Neighbor Carpet.

Carpet Padding
The unisex beast that lives across the hall from me, in my hotel building downtown, got new carpet yesterday. I have never met said neighbor. I’ve lived there for 18 months now and I’ve never seen this person emerge from their apartment. There was this one time though…I was returning from the grocery store, and I heard my neighbor coming out of its hole (for the first time). I sneakily peered back through the peep hole in my door with the goal of catching a glimpse of this person- Catching a glimpse of my neighbor. They opened the door, peered out, looked left, looked right, and then scurried down the hall. I can’t quite describe how they looked. They were wearing a big, baggy, over sized t shirt. They had a hair-do the size of a small elephant. I couldn’t see their face but I could see inside their apartment. I saw stacks and stacks of magazines. I saw stacks and stacks of garbage. I saw a hoarder in its element. I saw my neighbor for the first time.

OK, enough rambling about my mysterious neighbor. They got new carpet and that should be good enough. At least we have that in common…even if we’ve never met.

June 3, 2008

Version 3.1

Sit and rise.

Yellow and black rubber, hot air, curly ribbon, dead in three days.
White paper, edges that look like lace, an attempt at being fancy for a change.

Garett Croft Stenson



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