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January 24, 2009

Version 3

old gold “Portland Clashing” necklace

From back in the day…
Portland Necklace Garett Stenson db clay

October 21, 2008

Version 3

“2006 was a blur.”

This was the opening line in our formerly introduced Version 3 catalogue, surfacing round 0.6. The rest of the copy following this headline probably didn’t make much sense (either) so I best not recall ‘er at this time. Image below made the front page of the catalogue… it was my favorite picture at the time because it surely epitomized our previous year spent. But metaphors aside, the picture was taken just before an 80′s party we threw a few years back- and it just screams riot. Our man Jeff Wright is up in the air and Mr. Diggles is streaking in teal shorts.

Wallet Party

Blend of 3 and 3.1

Dark Bushes from Version 3 + Light Lace from Version 3.1 = image above.

I don’t always want to pick a side.

October 20, 2008

Version 3

Version 3 Ms. Frey colorways

In tandem with the launch of our Version 3 collection, we also launched (6) different colorways of our Ms. Frey wallet, as pictured below. Each was limited edition and we are now sold out of all. My favorite is on top: Brown, Orange and Ochre atop Navy Blue







October 19, 2008

Version 3

Boxcutter by Day, Songwriter by Night.

(18) months my younger, Tyler, my little brother has worked with me on db clay since I can remember. I think it’s been like 45 years? Regardless, Tyler and me have worked long hours at db clay together. Tyler was the VP of Operations for years and he was vitally integral in the shaping of db clay over the years. He kept me in check. He brought stability and reason to the situation.

Tyler has been facilitating operations at the db clay offices for over half a decade, but all the while, his passion has been songwriting and we all knew/know it. He’s headlined multiple marquee bills, he’s won the Portland singer/songwriter of the year award twice, he’s put out half a dozen albums and he’s definitely evolved his craft that is songwriting. He’s been a big help to db clay, and is now moving on… he is for hire on the songwriting front! Have a private holiday party coming up? A wedding? A corporate event? An intimate evening with friends, hosting a dinner party?

Hire Tyler the songwriter and your guests will never be the same. Click to find his MUSIC.

Below is Tyler cutting some cardboard in our warehouse. Dude is bad A. He doesn’t even need a heater in the winter. He’s had a beard for a decade. He has a scar on his cheek from when an Army Ranger bit his cheek and attacked him in Alabama. He has dents and cauliflower ears, but, if you dive into his music, you’ll realize he is just about as sensitive as it gets.

Don’t you ever wonder what the other side of the room looks/looked like in a picture? The picture above only gives you part of the story. The picture below shows what the rest of the world looked like surrounding Tyler at the time this shot was taken. I wonder what the ceiling looks like? The floor? Unfortunately, I don’t have those pics…

September 6, 2008

Version 3

Only 2 Version 3 Wallets Left.

Our Version 3 collection of wallets is nearing the end. We are all sold out except for a few Dark Bark and Golden Locks remain. I particularly like Steve Steckly’s Dark Bark image because the neon green pops so much- it almost glows in your pocket. Golden Locks is a bit mysterious. People often think it’s image is wheat, or horse hair or I’ve even heard fireworks… nah, it is just hair… a concept a bit a HEAD of its time. Get it? a HEAD?
Buy Dark Bark here.
Buy Golden Locks here.

August 11, 2008

Version 3

Black Feathers Rather Than Blue.

Pictured here, is the darkest of all feathers.

July 12, 2008

Version 3

The Story of Portland Clashing.

Portland Wallet
Shouted Alex, from across the room, as he held up a freshly painted Handmade Clay. This was back in the days when we 1. worked out of a small loft studio spot thing above the Burnside Bridge on the West Side. And 2. Alex was a student at P.N.C.A. (I think) and he would go down and use their screen printing facility to hand paint wallets for us. And 4. We would then take his wallets down to sell at the Portland Saturday Market. I don’t want to tell you what #3 is/was.

Tyler and Me, the way it worked, was that we would hand make some plain gray Gaffers Tape wallets and then we’d pass them off to Alex to go print. He would bring them back about 24-48 at a time. I think he got in a trouble a time or two for using his school’s facility to print merchandise for a profit. Plus, I think he was getting in the way of other students who were printing school stuff, actual homework. Point well taken, so we had to have Alex start printing out of his home for a while. And then two years ago we moved in a big warehouse, in NE Portland, where we had him print Puzzle Batch 2, in an actual facility, though it is still a very crude facility.

One of the best wallets he ever printed was that of a Portland cityscape, with old trees along the waterfront. It was called Portland Clashing. Years later, we all liked this design so much that we decided to have our new manufacturer go into production producing this piece. We made it part of our Version 3 collection. Somebody out there has the original Portland Clashing hand painted wallet, the first one Alex did years ago…someone must have bought it from us on the street at the Portland Saturday Market or perhaps at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival in Seattle each September. By the way, we will have a booth setup this year (at Bumbershoot). Stop by our booth if you are at the show.

Ok, that’s enough rambling about the old days gone. See other dead Handmade Clay’s here…hand made, long gone, oh so sad for us, oh so happy for the person who snagged it up. Enjoy whoever you are!

June 16, 2008

Version 3

Buck Off.

Looking through my ol’ memory box, I recently came across this bucking pencil sketch I did back in the day…when I was just a dirty faced kid living in Wyoming. Come to think of it, I was never cut out for the rodeo. I was never cut out for the life of a cowboy; I dabbled a bit in horsemanship, but for the most part, the thought of ending up on my head held very little water with me. However, years later, wild horses are still a part of my life albeit under figurative circumstances rather than literal.

June 12, 2008

Version 3

The Whole Feathers Picture.

Frankly, Feathers is fantastic for free-spirited folks. Foto by Steve Steckly.

Garett Croft Stenson



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