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Welcome to our TRIBUTE website - the story of db clay 1998-2008.

Based in Portland, Oregon we create unique wallets called Pocket Art. What began in the late nineties, with little intention and lots of playfulness, quickly became a full scale fashion accessories label with highly functional and beautiful products being distributed worldwide. The short story: Garett made his first duct tape wallet in 1998, we officially founded db clay as a company in 2002, we grew it to scale in 6 years time, and then due to economic forces, we shut the company down in late 2008. Flashing forward, we founded a new db clay as of January 11, 2011. But it's different now.

Building our wallet business was a good ten year journey and our product mix certainly evolved over time as did we. We aged, we learned, we rose, we fell and we had a good time. db clay is now back but on very limited scale for now -- and unfortunately, we don't have any products for sale.

At the core of it all, each db clay piece we produce tells a story, intends to spark human interaction and encourage meaningful conversation. Thank you for visiting our TRIBUTE website. Nothing is for sale here, just a nostalgic place to click around. Visit our current website and read updates on our Blog. Crafts + Technology = db clay

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Garett Stenson

Co-Founder | CEO & Creative Director

Born in Wyoming 1979, moved to Oregon 1986, cub scout, anxious teen, sports player, odd jobs, went on to make and sell wallets both during and after college under the brand name db clay. Currently living and working in N Portland. Organized pack rat, thinker, walks a lot, doodles with black pens and highlighters. 9 siblings, guacamole his religion, nostalgic bastard, camper, don't like grammar, influences for design: architecture, childhood memories, flowers, bugs, music, reading, life experiences, old crafts and new technology.

Tyler Stenson

Co-Founder | Former VP Operations

I was the second "wallet guy" and I've literally seen this company grow through every stage imaginable. Hard times and baptisms by fire bring us to present; I was the VP of Operations and went gray at an early age. Wallets aside, I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and I was twice named Portland's Songwriter of the Year- I'm still unsure if I can craft a better song or Duct Tape wallet.

Courtney Smith

Former Creative Assistant

Even though Courtney is now the former Creative Production Assistant for db clay she retains that title in her new job. She creatively assists in the production of coloring, building trains tracks, and sharing. And is still the only girl. When she finds a spare moment she creates for family and friends and blogs about the whole production.

Benjamin Diggles

Co-Founder | Web & Marketing Director

As long as I have an Internet connection and electricity I can solve almost any problem. Well, besides cancer and world hunger and stuff like that... but maybe. I have big goals in my personal life and I am addicted to the occult and the esoteric arts.

I believe that relationships are everything.

Brandon Stowe

Former Sales Director

Brandon was born in Kentucky; raised in the Mojave Desert of California. Brandon attended Clemson U. in South Carolina, nabbing degrees in English and Psychology amidst the humidity. Brandon has lived in Portland, Oregon since 1999 with a few years of New York City merriment thrown in for kicks. Brandon is interested in obsessively watching sketch comedy shows, aimlessly exploring the internet, music, and playing basketball while his knees allow it. If you ask nicely, he'll dance.

Brian Reeder

Former Business Developor

We met Brian Reeder back in the Canby Days and he was involved in db clay from early on. Brian was a jack-of-all-trades for db clay: screen-printing, web marketing, finances, sales and overall business development.

We'd also like to acknowledge Ms. Frey and Jen, Nancy, Pennington, the Diggles Family, the Stenson Family, Bruce, Starve Ups, Josh, Darius, Mark, Justin Kistner, Matt King, David Frey, Prosper, Alex Steckly, Portland Saturday Market, Matt Siltala, Karl, Steve, The Sajkos, Ryan JDC, Pluto, J and P, Jakes, Rippys, Reddings, Shade, all Friends and Family. Visit evilbackwards.com for more of the people behind db clay.